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Stick Man Fighting Game

How many stick man can you hold?
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Do you want to challenge yourself?

This is a classic stick man fighting game, there are four game mode to choose.

You are the left stick man, tap the screen when the knife come to you. how many stick man can you hold at the same time, how many knifes can you hit it back?

Enjoy the game!


Literally one of the of the worst games I have ever played
Zack "Zack" Rodman

Playing 'War' by yourself would be more fun. With a short deck that only has 3's. Truly, this is a stupid stupid game. 5 thumbs down.

Worst game ever

You miss ninja stars and die.???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????.

Cool game???

Don't listen to those fools

Love it
Emery Macdonald

Wish there was 1 screen on the first one though but otherwise really great game and fun to play it!!!!!!!!!??????