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Ninja Stick Man Fighter

Ninja Stick Fighter, Stick 'Kungfu' is to show.
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Games Free Jiaping Sun iPhone, iPad, iPod

At the core of the martial arts lies simplicity, and focus.
This is an innovative fighting game.

All this is funny enough. By using full physics based animation system to simulate character’s actions.
You can control the Little Ninja, fighting and jump with his little buddy. The ninja stick man will react by real and funny actions.

The simplicity of your Ninja stick-man avatar opens up a world of combat precision, in which each move must be timed for the perfect kill.

No any inner purchases. You can enjoy it full.



Got because it was free instead of 5 bucks, but after about 14 seconds realized it wasn't even worth playing for free. It's bad.

Free is too expensive

This game is bad. No bad is not the right word. Terrible. Awful. Terribawful, a new word to describe the level of fail that this game achieves.


This game made me throw up a little in my mouth. That's nota good snack