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Star Wars™: Commander is free iOS app published by NaturalMotion Games Limited


Tigercat Meowzers

This game is addicting if you find an active and experienced squad to join. You can level up much faster if you buy things with real money, which a lot of people do. I have taken the longer approach, which is to save for level-ups without paying anything. It can be done. It just takes a very long time. My biggest criticism is with matchmaking. When you get matched up by the game with another rival squad for war, it always chooses a much stronger opponent for us. It is disheartening to lose every war as a result. The graphics of the troops are neat looking and watching them battle is also entertaining. The game is buggy sometimes, but that has not stopped me from playing. It is annoying when the developers change the way a particular troop fights and/or navigates across the ground in battle. I get used to it behaving a certain way and I get good at deploying it to the best advantage, then the developers change it to make it less powerful and less effective. Stop. That is very annoying. It is possible that the game is biased in favor of the rebel side. If you want to win more often, join the rebels at the start. If you want to have more fun, join the imperials. You cannot switch sides later.

Awesome game

I can't stop talking

Very fun buy it?

Pretty cool


It's fun, just like clash of clans, but slightly slower as far as how fast you can build and grow...

Highly recommended

Trainer Rick

Screw that guy that said its not recommended. Slap him with a dirty fish.

Love it but there is one thing


I love the game and nothing's goin wrong but they need to add trade with squadmates such as resource trade







It's alright, but the units need improvement


I love Star Wars! But this game, the units AI that you use need improvement. I've seen them get stuck together. It's annoying and I think that's something that needs to be fixed. Other than that, I think the game is pretty fun.

Great needs a few fixes


This game is beautifully done but the only flaw is the wins on the game, every time I win a attack the all my attackers stop moving and nothing happens and I have to reset the game but so far this game is good.

I dunno


Obiwan sent me here