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Speed (aka. Spit) : Card Game

Speed (Spit) app.
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Games Free Kazunari Hiyoshi iPhone, iPad, iPod

There are two game mode in this app.

Human vs. CPU (0-7 Level)
Network play (Human vs. Human)

How to Play

Touch the your hand and move selected card to the center pile.
When the difference between the numbers on the cards is 1, you may place the card on the pile.
Furthermore, the number after a king is 1, so a king must come right before 1.

You win when you've placed all your cards in the pile before your opponent.


Pretty fun

Just about as good as playing with real cards. Not too disappointed


Don’t waste your time.

Nice version...but

Even tho I like this version, adjustable speed/level, quirky sound, I don’t need to see the CPU level in the middle of the screen. It’s distracting. Also it should have the option to play with friends by user name. Only three stars for the lay out ?

Fun timefiller while waiting for...

Fun to play this speed game while waiting at appointments, in line at the cash register, on hold with customer service, etc

Keo n Ash

Too easy. CPU is way too slow

Vying it

Nice game

Jen's I-Pod

Like it so far

Brings back memories!

I LOVE this game. I remember playing it when I was younger. I definitely like being able to change the difficulty of the CPU. I was almost worried that the game was too easy. But now, I love it!

Target 2915

Love the game and easy to understand


Great app very enjoyable!!!!