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PicoPico Pyramid - Solitaire Card Game

PicoPico Pyramid (Blip Blop Pyramid) is pyramid solitire card game.
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Games Free Kazunari Hiyoshi iPhone, iPad, iPod

Please touch and choose two cards.
If the sum total of two cards is 13, a card will disappear.Please erase all the cards of a pyramid.

There are 4 Game Modes in this game.

Redeal Mode : In this game mode, Rideal of talon can do it twice.

Joker Mode : Two jokers are added to a hand.Even if joker combines with which card, it is set to 13.

Open Mode : All cards become open.There is a special rule in this Mode.See apps help (page 4).

Hard Mode : An auxiliary rule is only Rideal 1 time.


Good game.

I like this game. It would be better if one only had to tap one of the two cards to eliminate them. So it goes a bit slower than it could. But VERY FEW ADS. That’s what I really appreciate!

Got time? Waiting @ dr office.....

Pass time playing a fun game!!!!

Pico pico Pyramid solitary
sweetnannie 57

Great game

Foxie Lee

Would be nice to be able to remove the ads as is a nice game to play. Ads in app is the reason for two stars.

Great Fun

I used to play this as a child --- love it!


From easy to challenging and a lot of fun!

Free Pyramid which lets you use ALL cards!
punkpup a

Most of the Pyramid games available allow you to select cards which are totally free, meaning you can't select a card that is overlapped by another. This game allows you to select overlapped cards which gives you a much better chance of winning. Graphics and sounds are primitive and there are ads but it's free!


i love card games, this is a good one!


Allow unlimited deals and undo

Pyramid is a fun game

Fast moving. Keeps your mind sharp ?

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