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Hello Parents,
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I am a mom first. That defines me! Then there is rest. I may not be the first parent who felt alone, clueless and second-guessing myself in my journey of parenting that started 12 years ago. Being a parent is the best thing ever, but it hasn’t always been easy. Parenting is inherently hard, and I am still on the lookout for things that help with better management of my family and my time.

I understand that keeping your children excited and encouraged in doing their household chores is next to impossible. However, this chores app might be the complete package that your kids and family needs.

S'moresUp was created based on my experience when I was learning and managing my family. I believe you will find this app useful as well.

Rather than promises and treats, motivate your kids with reward points instantly after they finish their tasks. Each time your kid completes a job, reward them with points. With a user-friendly interface and multiple advanced features, this is undoubtedly one of the best apps for managing kids activity and chore.

Even if you push them to the extreme and inspire them to do their chores, it becomes hard to track them. Also if there are just 2-3 tasks on your child’s to-do list, they can hastily fall off the track with the consistent completion of each work.

Download this ultimate “chore app” to keep your kids interested in helping you around with small things.

Since we are living in an era of technology, gadgets, and smartphones, kids tend to spend most of their time fidgeting with different apps. If this sounds more like your kids, then its time to go where they are and help them manage life better.

As a parent, I truly understand the struggle of getting even the smallest household chores done by your kids. To make your life easier, we have not only backed you up with the market’s best chores app but also realized the importance to offer features that other families and kids chore app lack.

Happy Parenting!
Priya - S'moresUp Team

Key Features:

The app has four primary menu buttons:

1. Community:

The home screen of the app features a platform to connect with the parent community.
As a parent, you can engage with other community members and share your thoughts or ideas with them. Be it parenting tips, upcoming events, news, doubts, clarifications, or research information; you have an open space to post them.
You can even like, comment, and share other member’s posts.

2. Chores:

It has a user-friendly and colorful interface to keep the kids engaged.
It is an easy way to manage kids’ chores and allowances.
The tab “chores” allows you to set tasks to your kids.
Click the “+” button at the top right corner of the screen to add and assign a new task for your kid or any other family member.
Enter the particular chore name (example: dusting, sweeping, brushing, making the bed, etc.) and set the reward points in the field called “S’mores:”
Each time your kids complete their assigned tasks, they can earn and claim their rewards by clicking the option – “Done for the Day.”
Track all your assigned and unassigned chores in “Family Chores" section
New to chores, "Discover Chores" can help you get started with some popular chores.
Encourage kids to save S'mores towards a Savings Goal

3. Calendar:
Simple calendar designed from scratch with families in mind.
A view for every member of the family
Easy import of events from other calendars
You feel like inviting your friends over, go ahead, ask them using this app

4. Easy Family Management
Chore Progress, Rewards, Awards, Saving Goals & playdate planner. All in one place for easy management

With all these multiple and advanced features incorporated in a single package, it is no surprise why S’moresUp is one of the best chores app in the market.


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