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Shadows Remain: AR Thriller

Shadows Remain is an augmented reality thriller from the creators of Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride. Follow one mother’s desperate journey as she attempts to rescue her only son from a dark and malevolent force in this twisted, story-driven adventure which is sure to leave the heart racing.
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Boxes fill the hallway. A child’s toys lay scattered across the floor. Chinese takeout litters an otherwise empty benchtop. After an exhausting day of moving, journalist Emma Winters is awoken as the sound of a cell phone echoes throughout her new home. But something is not right.

Who turned on the TV? Is that… music? And what is that god-awful static? Most importantly, where is Alex? As Emma reaches for the television, she has no idea her life is about to change forever… and only you can piece together the story to uncover what happens next.


- Use augmented reality to solve mind-bending puzzles and deceptive optical illusions in a chilling tale spanning several decades.
- Inspect hidden objects and cryptic clues to unravel a disturbing mystery underpinned by jealousy and betrayal. Revisit the past in search of answers.
- Lose yourself in detailed 3D environments which blur the line between cinema, mobile entertainment and AAA gaming.
- Use your device to see behind objects, shift perspective, and reveal that which hides in plain sight.

Nothing is as it seems.

Shadows Remain is an episodic adventure which will be released over the course of approximately one year. Subsequent chapters will be made available via in-app purchase over the coming months. Stay tuned for details!

WARNING: This game may potentially trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy. Viewer discretion is advised.

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Incredibly Amazing!!!!

Wow, I’m new to these AR games, and this game was an amazing introduction to them. The graphics were absolutely beautiful, and the puzzles were very intriguing and fun to solve. It was easy to understand and play, but there were some instances where it wouldn’t let me tap on an object. I can’t wait for chapter two, and I’m already subscribed to get updates on it. I’m also extremely grateful that this was all free. I would never have expected something this amazing to be free on the App Store.

The length man!!

The length of the story should have been longer. There where what, 3 levels? That was waaay too short for my liking. The story itself was fun and the story was cool, it was just too short.

Horror Freak Amused
Watzi2ya @KryonikGaming

Just gotta say this was amazing just SUPER SHORT..... Overall this is a great conceptual idea and I loved it. I’m not much of a jumper but I definitely did. The sounds are creepy, the story is amazing, the visuals are awesome, and the gameplay is on point! Can’t wait for Chapter 2! Thanks for making this game! More movement for AR Capability would be better and and also bigger rooms or areas to explore would be nice. Thanks again for the 30-45 min “oh shi* fest! Loved it!


Doesn’t let me start the game. Can’t seem to use AR, even with a well lit, textured area. Hopefully this gets fixed because i would love to play

Fantastic concept

I like the concept and the perspective of the game. I was twisting and turning trying to find the right angles for things but with all new things the AR needs some work. I found the room flying away from me as I played and had to recalibrate a few times. The game play was also alittle short but over all I enjoyed playing it very well done.

Doesn’t work

The ar won’t work it’s literally just showing the camera it doesn’t have the part that’s supposed to appear

Absolutely amazing

With arkit being so new, and what’s out there now being largely early tech demo like; this game for me signals a great step forward in production quality. I very rarely give 5 stars. It does more then just demonstrate ar; it does so with what feels to be a very immersive and quality gaming experience. Need more of this for sure. Definitely shows what competent game designers and developers can accomplish when more fully vested in a product created with this tech. Can’t wait for more Just FYI; I am using an iPhone 8.

Free for a reason

This is free because it is effectively the appropriate length for a game intro The backstory is almost nonexistent Will not purchase later chapters

Why AR?

The AR takes alot from this game. Can you guys make an option to NOT have AR?

Nothing to see here

Title says it all after the intro it accesses our camera and well that’s it I can see whatever my camera is pointed at there is nothing else tried reloading, making sure camera had permissions, etc. I even tried contacting them but never got a single reply, the beginning tutorial is even incorrect about the option available in settings. Seems like someone’s idea of a joke honestly don’t know but not worth my time.