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Quick Web Browser Free - Full screen ie internet desktop search web browser

The Quick Web Browser Free is a fast and elegant web browser for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. This app gives you up to 40% of your screen's real estate back by
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hiding the buttons, address and even the status bar when you don't need them. Now you can take full advantage of the screen of your device.

Surf the web exactly like you do in Safari: tap on links, swipe to scroll, double-tap or even pinch and spread your fingers to zoom in or out.

- Rapid launch
- New Smart Browsing Sensor
- You can browsing in both orientation Portrait & Landscape.
- Auto Full Screen Fast Browsing
- Fast and Smooth Scrolling
- 25% more viewable area than Safari in portrait mode
- Almost 40% more viewable area than Safari in landscape mode!
- Bookmark your favorite webpages for easier navigation.
- Have your favorite page load when Full Screen first launches. This is easily set by tapping the action button and then the "Set as Home Page" button while you

are on the page. The homepage address can also be set in the iPhone Settings app.
- Advanced features for effective browsing and sharing content.You can share your favorite link via Twitter & Email.
- Support retina display images for New iPad.

Don't wait! Download now and enjoy yourself!

Stay tuned for a more updates soon!

Extremely fast search in various services, easy access to your favorite bookmarks and smart visual history makes this app one of the best for surfing the Web.

This simple and fast mobile browser is much more convenient compared to other browsers like Safari, Firefox and even Chrome.

Download this app, place on the main screen of your iPhone and you will never regret about it!


It's 5o'clocksomewhere

This app is the worst browser app, tons of ads, when you click on to close & not show again Google says we’ll try and not show this ad again, ha ha joke on us?? Google then shows ads in multiple times all over screen where you can’t read the website you’re looking for & if you’re lucky to get to website again multiple ads where you can’t get the information you really need. This is outrageous much less frustrating. What in blue blazers is wrong with Google & this QuickWeb?? I don’t have this problem with Safari.. Deleting this app.

Sétif 19

very coool , it does what it says, full screen as well as big keyboard letters, job well done guys . thank you


Cool web options


Says that it will work on iOS 5.1.1 but if it did they why does it minimize once I open?

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