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Download My Web Browser Free - Full screen and smash hit pocket mini web browser

My Web Browser Free - Full screen and smash hit pocket mini web browser

You can view all your websites Privately and in Full Screen! This is the simple, no frills web browser you've been met before.
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Productivity Free Jun Lu iPhone, iPad, iPod

- Blazing Fast
- Full Screen (14%+ Viewing Area)
- Simple and Clean

How it works:

- Uses Every Single Pixel available to show websites in Beautiful Full Screen! That's 14%+ viewing area than standard Safari!

- Auto hide web address bar when you scroll down the web.

- Same back end safari browsing engine which means maximum speed, security, and reliability. Beautiful Interface.

This app is Simply and Cleanly works on iPhone, iPod and iPAD!
So get it now and start browsing websites in full screen without anyone knowing where you've been!

Some other features and Details:
- Clean, lightweight and simple to use.
- Universal! Works with iPhone, iPod Touch AND iPad!
- Auto hidden address bar to make more space.
- Reload and stop reload button in web address bar.
- Safari based backend engine.
- Optionally lock your device into portrait or landscape mode.
- All of your session's History, Cache and Cookies are erased any time when My Web Browser is closed.
- Single toolbar controls keeps everything easy to use, compact and fast.
It scrolls out of the way on your devices, as well, to give you maximum browsing real-estate.
- HD Video streaming.
- Lightning fast startup and shutdown.
- Lean app leads to fastest possible page loading.
- Always starts in search box on right side.
- No auto suggest or auto-fill in page.
- Tiny package download so you can get it quickly.



Doesn't have enough controls.

Qwerty gghh

Is awesome to keep you browser private


This app stinks it has no adobe flash,won't allow anything that has adobe flash,this app is also is mostly just adds.This is something I say should not be a app at all.


Sometimes it closes when using but I can't find out how to update Safari for ipad 1 using ios 5.1.1. At least this one works

Screenshots are not a true representation of what you get.

If the screenshots showed the stupid ad banner, I wouldn't have wasted my time to install this app that I now have to delete. Screenshots are a false representation.

1 star

BOOO!!! WORST APP EVER IT DOSENT EVEN OPEN!! Until u fix it u get 1 star >:o

Doesn't work.

Doesn't work, using first gen iPad.

Did not Work

Would not open. Using 1st Gen Ipad

does not work

despite claims of loading full sites, loaded only broken mobile versions with many additionally ads. dont waste your time.


App (browser) does not work at all and loads nothing but ads.

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