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Restaurant Curbside Pickup POS

Easily offer curbside pickup and inside pickup to your retail or restaurant business. No contract and fees to join.
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We make sure customers come when their order is ready, removing congestion from the ordering process.

Works with major payment systems and most devices.

Benefits of CurbAware
1. No fee to setup or monthly subscription.
2. No app required, use your existing website for ordering.
3. Notify customers directly to email and sms when an order is ready.
4. Get notified when customers arrive for quicker transactions.
5. Full customer support
6. Compatible with many payment platforms such as Stripe.

Featured in CNET, Newswire, ESMT Berlin, and other publications.

Businesses that use CurbAware
1. Restaurants that offer takeout and curbside.
2. Dry cleaners
3. Salons that sell hair products
4. Small grocery stores that offer pickup.
5. Specialty businesses

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