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Pythonista brings the Zen of Python™ to your iPad or iPhone.
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Productivity $9.99 Ole Zorn iPhone, iPad, iPod

Create interactive experiments and prototypes using multi-touch, animations, and sound – or just use the interactive prompt as a powerful calculator.

Pythonista is also a great tool for learning Python – The interactive prompt helps you explore the language with code completion, the entire documentation is accessible right within the app and you can get started with lots of ready-to-run examples.

>>> Full-featured, scriptable code editor with syntax highlighting and code completion
>>> Extended keyboard, designed specifically for Python
>>> Interactive prompt with code completion and history
>>> Complete documentation with quick lookup directly from the editor
>>> Multiple color themes for syntax highlighting
>>> Includes most of the standard library and additional modules for graphics and sound
>>> UI module with visual User Interface Editor
>>> Lots of examples included

Based on Python 2.7.5; the name "Pythonista" is used with kind permission of the Python Software Foundation.


Goood app

Your app is very good! Im love it! Tnx for made!

One of the best pieces of software in existence
pablo gilberto

Pythonista is one of the best pieces of software that currently exist for any platform. Its presence on iOS is of particular value, since there are scant few programmer tools available for the platform. It is also a great educational tool.


Pythonista is one of the best apps I have ever seen...I would like to suggest to add more modules( like scipy,...) in a way that if one wants to have a specified module, he/she could just install it( not included in the main app). Update 2.0: This update is extraordinary...

Amazing update

The 2.0 update brought an amazing number of upgrades to the best iOS Python IDE! I use this to prototype scripts for my production environment, as well as for my hobby projects on the side. This plus Working Copy means I can check everything into version control without any problems. Completely worth it.

The best app I've ever used from the iOS App Store

Very well designed application

Great to amazing

Was a great app already for putting code down quickly when I didn't have my computer. With the new update it's now even better. Many subtle, smart changes have made the app even cleaner and easier to work with.

Worth every penny

My one request would be that support for split-view be added. It's more than occasionally that I want to have Safari showing me documentation on the right while I type the code in Pythonista on the left.

Someone who exists…...…

Easily the best app on my phone. Buy it.

The Best app in the App Store!

I love this app!

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