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Pyro! for Messenger is an innovative augmented reality app which adds fire effects to your device camera in real time. With direct integration into Facebook Messenger you can share your hot videos and photos with your friends instantly. Just point your device camera to something you would like to be in flames and let your dreams come true. There are no limits!

Pyro! for Messenger works on simple but effective principle – it combines your device camera with fire and explosion effects. Just draw the fire with a finger on the screen and burn everything around you. The fire remains in its place even if you move with your phone.

Don’t keep your creations it to yourself! You can share your photos and videos directly into Facebook Messenger and have fun with your friends.
So what are you waiting for? It’s time to burn something down – start right now!

*** Main features: ***
• Add fire to the image from your camera.
• Draw the fire with your finger in real time.
• Share instantly into Facebook Messenger.
• Make Realistic and smart explosions.
• The fire remains in its place and even follows the edges of objects.
• Changeable size of fire and explosion particles.
• Fun and credible sound effects combined with camera sounds.

Pyro! for Messenger is only supported on iPhone 5 or newer and iPad 3 or newer, iOS 7 and up.

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Ughh not worth it!!!
Das guten

I can't seem to figure out how to make anything on my screen light up on fire every time I try to touch it calibrated or just it it never works? What is going on I read the tutorial followed the tips and still nothing! It needs some improvements


this is probably one of the many great fx apps I have used, it's really easy to edit and the effects are awesome looking, it would be cool if they can add a feature that controls the length of time the fire stays but other than that it's an awesome app I reccomend this to other video makers

One Star
Awesome ;D

The instructions are confusing. I tried doing whatever it said and nothing happened, no fire effects whatsoever. Sorry, but I am giving a one star.

It's Woww to audience

I like this app to tease and impress my audience. Easy to use, applied to text, fb msgr, or WA. Try this one out to make them Woww

Needs a lot of fixing
Billie Jean Fan

I cannot get past the tutorial, every time I hit continue it just pops up an advertisement. Whenever I finally got the app working, the app-screen wasn't lining up with my phone screen so I couldn't even see the photos I was taking. Avoid this app for now until they fix it.

Benjamin gar

This app does amazing things I'm glad I found it!

Doesn't work!

Total waste of money. It gets stuck in the settings And tutorial, and you can do anything. Very nonintuitive


Doesn't work/ The app turns to its side. I can't get into anything. you hear the fire but I can't get past the tutorial area ..clearly is not working properly

Doesn't work

Downloaded trial. Doesn't work. ?. Inn-app purchases don't let you choose which ones you want. Too bad. The ads look good, but the app failed.

Ahhh, FIRE!

Made to sooth the pyromaniac hiding in each of us, this app will let you set fire to anything you desire - without getting in trouble for it.