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Ever been to a real life maze and thought it wasn't big enough? Well, now you can get literally lost on multiple levels. Experience and find your way through huge glass mazes, watch out for the dangerous enemy and try to get your head to move you in the right direction. This is Amaze!
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Games $1.99 DynamicDust s.r.o. iPhone, iPad, iPod

Key features:
* Over 90 huge mazes with multiple stories
* Gigantic bonus mazes with over 9000 blocks!
* Dangerous enemy, that won't make things easy for you
* Elevators and secret trapdoors? Yes, please!
* Too hard? Use some of the cool power-ups like the compass, markers or shields!
* Multiple beautiful environments
* Challenges! Can you finish the maze in a time limit? Or with limited amount of steps?
* and a lot more (did we mention cool sounds?)...

We will be updating the game regularly with new levels, so you can be sure, there always be new fun and new mazes to explore!

Amaze is a premium game with no extra in-app purchases. In-app purchases label shows up only because of support of earlier versions.

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