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The Gorgeous Goddess Freya desires your obedience as you willfully submit to her whims because the true fantasy of obedience is a learned trait.

SUBMIT! Give in to your desires as you enter Freya’s Empire. In this game the Goddess Freya will be your Game Master and Guide. She will assign you varying tasks that will expand your imagination, titillate your senses and strengthen both you and your ability to be obedient.

SHUT UP!! This “truth or dare” style game is designed to be fun, funny, racy and at times raunchy. Whether you are playing with yourself, with a lover, partner or friend (or making a party out of it), you can enjoy releasing your control and learning to trust (or even worship) your Game Master.

TAKE ORDERS!!! Just like ice melting slowly on your skin, the player will be assigned a series of fun „tasks“ of varying difficulty, which may seem irrelevant to the player, but are all part of Freya’s master plan to expand your imagination.

PLEASURE! The benefits are many. This game will help broaden your horizon and foster creativity, not only in your life.

Spice up your love life or turn your next party into something your friends will never forget!

- You can play solo, with a partner or party!
- More than 600 dares and many sinful pics of the Goddess Freya.
- Light-hearted and Soft, Hard, Extreme and Funny!
- Spice up your life with the truly special game in the app store!
- Want to have a party night you’ll never forget?
- Download now for your hottest night of your life and get your party life in overdrive now.
- No internet connection required, unlike other apps – all content is included.

Have fun!


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