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“Learn Professions” is a fun educational game for kids of 2-5 years old in which children get acquainted with the world of occupations. In an entertaining way your kid will learn what kinds of occupations exist and what tools and devices professionals of different occupations use.
- Beautiful, animated, charismatic heroes of the game will give your child a clear picture not only of how the representatives of different professions usually look, but also what personal qualities they should possess;
- 10 jobs, such as car mechanic, teacher, tailor, fireman, cook, policeman, hairdresser, doctor, builder and artist;
- There are special tools and a uniform in each profession, so your kid will learn them, too. For example, a fireman wears a helmet and uses a fireman’s ax, a fire extinguisher, a hose. It will additionally extend your child’s vocabulary;
- Beside the main game line where a child learns the names of occupations and professional items, there are 3 additional tasks aimed to fix the received knowledge;
- The characters of the game are not just animated - they are endowed with the ability to express agreement and disagreement by facial expressions, gestures and sounds, so lifelike. It will definitely bring much joy to your baby!
Thank you for choosing our game “Learn Professions” for your baby!
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