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Prison Break Rush

  Innocent Jack has been caught into prison…
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  Please show us your attentive observation to help him escape from the uncertainly~~


  Jack is an innocent person, who has been circumstances surrounding a miscarriage of justice.
  In the restricted prison, it's tough to find any tools to escape!
  Be aware of security guard, player will need to be fast otherwise the mission is fail!!!


Sam killer king

I was playing on level 2 and a guard was flying all over the place and I died because he fled throw the wall and it set I died from a jailor

Ok if you like games about timing
Larry 57890

This is a pretty good game but I bought it because I thought you were going to be able to try to break out of jail cell like it shows on the picture instead you just run around trying to avoid guards and lasers which is pretty fun but after awhile it gets a little old. So over all unless you like running around trying to avoid lasers and guards you probably won't like the game that is all I have to say for this games because I dint play it for that long because it wasn't that fun

I pieta fan

Amazing game