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  Innocent Jack has been caught into prison…
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  Please show us your attentive observation to help him escape from the uncertainly~~


  Jack is an innocent person, who has been circumstances surrounding a miscarriage of justice.
  In the restricted prison, it's tough to find any tools to escape! But smart Jack manage to plan out a perfect prison break in 14 days.
  Let's start design road map and hand-make tools to drill through wall for his escape mission.
  Be aware of security guard, player will need to be fast otherwise the mission is fail!!!



Fun! But I always get caught, lol (:


Fun! But I always get caught, lol (:

I really loved it!!
lala turtle

Amazing game!!!

Beat the game 40 times


Trash game
bunny emoji

I just got this game right when I clicked in the game it made me watch a add then I played this small part in the game that was about 10 seconds long and after I did that it made me watch two adds I was so mad at this point but then my game froze and it made me start over again. So I clicked out of the game and went back in and it made me watch another add I got this game at 12:04 and watch 4 adds in less then one minute.

new update doesnt work

after new update the game goes to a grey screen instead of to cell. please fix!!!!

No work!

It doesn't work! I hit next after it tells me my current task and its only a gray screen

Bad game
Love monkey55437

I can't even get on the level it just shows a grey screen it only works for iPad I'm so mad I love this game on the computer |:(

Won't work

After starting the game the screen goes black and I have to exit. There is the only version available to me so until an update happens no point in downloading.

Doesn't work!

Gray screen, can't play...

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