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  Innocent Jack has been caught into prison…
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  Please show us your attentive observation to help him escape from the uncertainly~~


  Jack is an innocent person, who has been circumstances surrounding a miscarriage of justice.
  In the restricted prison, it's tough to find any tools to escape! But smart Jack manage to plan out a perfect prison break in 14 days.
  Let's start design road map and hand-make tools to drill through wall for his escape mission.
  Be aware of security guard, player will need to be fast otherwise the mission is fail!!!


This is rigged

It’s impossible to beat on the last level you release but it keeps on drilling


there are ad every Second. The Guard comes out of every 2 Second do not get it


This game is awesome I played it and its mined blowing shout out to my friends ~Jose~pancho~Antonio

low life.

So this is you, copying games off of other companies. Oh well good luck, you gonna need it. I don't want to game anyway. All you do is keep a finger on the screen. Literally, that is all you do.

Pretty good and unbeatable

It's a great game but the last level is soooo hard that I don't know if it's beatable cuz I tried soo hard and I never won

Horrible. I couldn't do anything. The cop just stoop there.

The cop just stood there. >:(


I love this game it's so fun, but the police keeps looking through the cell like every five seconds. It's getting really annoying and what's with the timer make it slow down just a little bit. If you make the police stop looking through the cell a lot of times then I will give you five stars............. This is a very good game and I really want to give it five stars but not right now!!!

This game is stupid????????
Yo mama40ee

This game is stupid??????

Rage game

The cop came back every second so how are you supposed to win if there's a timer to I think the timer should be taken out

Fun but too fast

I think this game is awesome, but the policeman returns too quickly for you to get the items done.

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