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Princess Ph.D.® is a learning app for 4-7 year old children. The app encompasses many games in one. The player selects between available games and answers questions correctly to earn coins. Princess Ph.D. is unique from other apps as your child gets rewarded with coins for each correct answer and can use those coins to upgrade the princess' outfit. The store itself is educational and teaches your daughter prioritization, saving, and basic math skills.
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Education Free Cloudspyre, LLC iPhone, iPad, iPod

Once your child earns enough coins to fully outfit her princess, she'll be off to the ball for the evening. Her character will have gone from pauper to princess!

The current free games supported are:

- Rhyming Words
- Analog Time*
- Addition*

We've also added a new enhanced game pack available as an upgrade that includes:

- Riddles
- Animals
- U.S. Coins*
- Sentence Completion
- Colors*
- Gas, Liquid, or Solid

* games marked with an asterisk have levels and get progressively more difficult when your child gets a certain number of questions correct in a row.

More games are on the way. Please send us your ideas so we can create specific games that you need for your little girl.

Although, some activities your child may not be able to complete on her own, Princess Ph.D. is designed to be a learning tool that you can use with your child.

Have fun and please send us feedback!


Cute,easy and education

My lill princess had lots of fun with this app. Great job. I would like to have one for boys as well! Heroes phd:-)

Nice one!

Cute app. It's nice to have apps that are educational, fun, and free on the App Store. Usually apps are missing one of these.

Great App!
App Lovers

Thanks my daughter loves it!

Solid app

This is a great app. It keeps my 5 year old daughter entertained for hours at a time. It would be good if there were more outfits and accessories. She wants to dress the princess in different outfits.

Great learning app

Earn coins to go shopping for princess' clothes. That's cute. My daughter wouldn't stop playing until she got her princess dressed to the prettiest outfit. I hope there will be an update for more clothing and accessories. Would be great if theres option to buy background objects also, like furniture or decorations? Even pets maybe? I don't know if its a bug or just me but sometimes the learing time and ryming words, theres only 1 question to answer and wouldn't advance to the next one. Math one didn't do that. One more thing that i wish you will add is sound option for the ryming words. My daughter don't know how to read yet so she can't play with that unless I read her the words.

Great game, looking forward to new releases

Our 5 yr old daughter loves the game. It has great graphics and a good interface. Daughter can play independently "beating" the game each time. She is looking forward to the pirate one, as well. Some suggestions for improvement: -- a few of the hour hands for "time to the half hour" are confusing. I am glad that they try to be authentic in that most try to point in between the two hour marks, but a few are drawn a little off -- allowing multiple levels of play for some of the games would be great. For instance, you could have addition facts to 6, addition facts to 10, addition facts to 15, etc. Also, you could have levels for telling time to the hour, half hour, quarter hour, and five minutes. Thank you for a great educational and fun game!


This is a great app. Girls love it.

Wrong age limit

This says ages 3-5 but a child that age can't play this game, must have an adult or older kid read them the words, time is a liitle advanced as well... Maybe better for 7-8 year olds!


The app won't open after the update

Crashes after latest update

My daughter enjoyed this game and was interested in seeing some of the add ons but since the update the game crashes out at the title screen.