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Pirate Ph.D.™ is a learning app for 4-7 year old children. The app encompasses many games in one. The player selects between available games and answers questions correctly to earn coins. Pirate Ph.D. is unique from other apps as your child gets rewarded with coins for each correct answer and can use those coins to upgrade the pirate's outfit. The store itself is educational and teaches your little one prioritization, saving, and basic math skills.
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Education Free Cloudspyre, LLC iPad

Once your child earns enough coins to fully outfit the pirate, he'll be captain of the ship. He will have gone from swabby to captain!

The current free games supported are:

- Rhyming Words
- Analog Time
- Addition

We've also added an enhanced game pack available as an upgrade that includes:

- Riddles
- Animals
- U.S. Coins
- Sentence Completion
- Colors
- Gas, Liquid, or Solid

More games are on the way. Please send us your ideas so we can create specific games that you need for your little pirate.

Although, some activities your child may be able to complete on his own, Pirate Ph.D. is designed to be a learning tool that you can use with your child.

Have fun and please send us feedback!


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