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Gender Gap was created specifically to compete in the Equal Pay App Challenge put out by the U.S. Department of Labor. The app intends to boost public awareness of the salary differences between males and females who are doing the same jobs. Our goal was to produce an app that is both fun and educational.
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You'll be asked ten questions. Each time you'll be given either the average yearly salary for a male or for a female in an occupation according to data from the U.S. Department of Labor. You must pick whether you think it is the male or female salary. Knowing salaries can help you to beat the Gender Gap.

After answering 10 questions, you'll get a rank depending on the number of questions you got correct. Your rank can be anywhere from entry-level to CEO!



this is the most femenist app posible what is wrong with you people


This game is educational and fun. Women should be paid more and this app proves it!

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Tonio O

Not just a great app but a model of how to take a data set and make a game of it. As a father of a daughter I think this is useful information, definitely worth checking out. I discovered from a new article! If you think it's a feminist app... I only concur the data set missing key information like number of years of experience associated with avg salary. man don't usually take a break to raise kids, or jump fields. I've also noticed in IT women stats usually pushed to manage and men technical leads or subject matter experts.