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Build your own city as the new mayor. Create residential, commercial, and industrial zones. Build parks and recreation spots. Respond to crime and disasters. Watch your city come alive!
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Games $4.99 Bobby Li iPhone, iPad, iPod

No microtransactions or long wait times! Everything is unlocked and rewarded through gameplay.

Pocket City re-imagines classic city building simulation gameplay for iOS devices.


Pretty good app, still some improvements

Hey! I have played this game twice, maxing out each city on beginner. From first impressions, the dialogues can become a nuisance such as the quests(which do have a skip button) and the prompt that comes up when buying land. I would like to see an option in the setting to disable the prompts from showing up. My second suggestion would be to have more land or more upgrades. I ran into an issue in my last city on beginner where the only way to get past lvl 76 was to place buildings and delete them for XP or trigger the storms, which will take a while to get to lvl100 Finally, this suggestion sort of ties into the last one, but would it be possible to have more land, for example and buying 100% of the original land, you can spend 1 million to buy an expansion, then spend the normal 300k to expand. However this may cause processing issues as once you max out your original land lag spikes start to happen. Anyways, it’s very well made, would definitely recommend spending the money to buy this game.

Amazing (Pay Once) Game

I love city build games and this one takes the cake by far on mobile devices. No real money for this and that. You pay once and play. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!

I love this game!

In a world of free-to-play games crippled with IAP and micro transactions, this game is a thing of beauty. Just buy it already!


This game... When I saw it, I just wanted to download it!! It's like a dream of mine, a city building game that goes really fast, no in-app purchases, (cough cough- SimCity Buildit, a.k.a EA) , no wait times, no goods that take hours to produce in factories, (again, EA) This is a game I actually paid for it looked so good. Try it for yourself, and get the TURE building experience.

Excellent mobile city-builder!

This app is like Cities Skylines for your phone. It’s what SimCity BuildIt SHOULD have been. The biggest draw for me was the lack of in-app purchases and a true sandbox mode. The formula for the game is a bit on the simplistic side compared to something like SimCity 3000 or 4. But, because it’s a mobile game, I don’t think that’s a bad thing. The touch controls work great, the game does have some charm with it’s writing, RCI makes sense, taxes can be adjusted to milk citizens dry, etc. There are only a few issues I can think of as of writing. The game does get pretty choppy when your city gets pretty large. I’m playing on a iPad mini 4 and a iPhone 7 and the frame rate does dive a lot on my current city (population ~13,000, level 89). This app also does drain the battery. There are a few options to ease the burden on the hardware, but there is still a significant hit to battery when playing. Keep a charger close or leave it plugged in while playing and you’ll be fine. After an hour of playing on my iPhone, I had lost about 40% charge with some of the settings toned down. The game can also get hard to control on smaller screens. Lastly, the game does kind of run out of things to do in the late game. I’ve purchased all available plots of land and am almost at level 100. But, my city is almost maxed out and I earn more money than I can spend. I’d also like it if there were “deals” you could make like in SimCity 3000 and policies you could change like in Skylines. With the addition of some late-game features/objectives, this could be a slam dunk game. But, that being said, for a $5 full-city builder, this is a great buy.

Slick, fun, and polished

I’m having so much fun with this. Just like Simcity 2 but without having to deal with power lines and water pipes.

More disasters

I love this game sooo much but there needs to be a tsunami or something like more disasters, also the map needs to be bigger because my amazing city needs to be upgraded but I don’t have room

Great city builder! But....
daemonium venator

The game is creat, runs smooth and under the right settings it’s even easy on your battery! This game gets a lot right but is lacking in overall depth, you build and you can upgrade but your city will always reach the inevitable “ map is covered in constructs “ where there’s no more room for growth and that’s it. If the maps where bigger and you could make different cities ( having condos for housing when your trying to do a country town really ruins the mood for me ) but it offers exactly what it promises for a simple city builder and as it is you could loose hours of your life trying to make a perfect city....just I want to loose hundreds of hours building entire counties with more options for what’s already in the game. ( do you want a sprawling mega city like Dubai in overwatch? Or have your city nuclear fallout themed? This game is a blank canvas full with potential, capitalize on it! )

One of the best mobile games.

I usually hate playing games on my phone, but this is the one game that I actually do enjoy. It’s as if the dev took SimCity Buildit and made it 100 times better. Best $5 I’ve spent on a game.


Let me make the city bigger