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Pocket Big Brother is free iOS app published by Touched Media, LLC


So for funness

As much as I love this app the comments are too opinionated. Stop stating if you think someone is stupid or you don't like them, because we DONT care. We just want the updates from the house.

Whoever makes the updates needs to change

Justin Budinski

We really don't care about what you think, and most of the time what you think is pretty stupid. You seem very sensitive to everything. One thing happens and you hate this person. Don't know why, but you really should change. Make the updates non-bias and keep your opinions out please.



I get all the updates before I can even watch it on tv. App is always up and running and couldn't live without it! I work night shift so I miss a lot when it happens so I can still know what is going on. Thanks!!!!

Wish I could give it 0 stars


This app could be great, if the moderator would just report the facts and keep his/her opinions to his/herself. For example A fact would be Mark and house guests watching eclipse. We don't need "Mark and the hateful 8 watching the eclipse." It's childish. The constant whining and negativity in the updates is ridiculous. Don't waste your time in this one.

I used to like this app ?


This app used to be good. But all of the personal opinions on the game make it REALLY annoying. It is time to find another app.

Great App, Terrible Moderator


This app is my go to for updates on BB, it's easy to navigate and all the info on who's in power is right there when the app loads. HOWEVER the mod who posts their "updates" has really been abusing his/her power as of late. It seems like whenever someone makes a move they don't like (which seems to be everyone but their lord and savior Cody) they go on a unnecessary rant about how dumb it is. Shut your mouth and post updates or don't do it at all. We downloaded this app to see updates on the current state of the house, we don't want a personal diary entry update every time something you don't like happens.

deleted app again


Nobody cares about your opinions, just give updates please


Patty IPhone 5

This is worst app ever.

Deleting because of poor commentation


The person who runs this app needs to grow up and leave out the comments. I used this app every year since it came out but now it's basically a twitter account for the author to throw a fit and be a cry baby when his favorite people leave and try to make it look like their favorites didn't mess up their own game to begin with. People control their own actions. Newsflash. Never using the app again. Not listening to a sore loser whine.

Love the app!


Great app!