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Pocket Big Brother is free iOS app published by Touched Media, LLC



The old version of the app was by far better,

Best Big Brother App


This is the best Bb app. Ever.


Alex Asztalos

Great app! It’s nice to know all of this ahead of time so I don’t have to stress out over who is going home ??


Annie In Fate

Why the annoying Ads? Hit refresh and they start!!! Do away with them please! Why do we have to re-subscribe every year? So EVERY year? Wow



Should hav3 an area spelling out the power of the apps and the “what if’s” .... what If POV is used , then ohh chooses



Do not like this new format

Miss the old version


The new version is okay, but I miss being able to see all of the players and who was evicted/ who had powers.


this is a pretty kool app

I’ve used this app for every season of Big Brother for the past 3-4 years and I’ve never had a problem until the latest update. The app crashes every time I try to open the updates section, which was where I have always spent the majority of my time on the app. It bums me out, please fix!!

Incorrect format?


I’ve used this app for awhile but recently I keep getting an alert that says the data can’t be read because it’s in the wrong format and then I get kicked out ?

Great app!


I've enjoyed using this app for years. This is my one stop for everything Big Brother as you can get quick updates on the status of HOH, Nominations, and POV. Also, you have the ability to see what is currently happening in the house with the integration of Joker's updates and forums. I understand the criticism from other users about the developer's choice to include opinionated updates during recent seasons, but I do not think this is deserving of ratings of 1 or 2. Side note: Why is Metta identified as Ron on the cast list in the app? He legally changed his name to Metta World Peace, so I'm unsure why that wouldn't be the case here. His name is Metta, not Ron? There is no contestant in the show with that name.