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Pocket Big Brother is free iOS app published by Touched Media, LLC

Still use the App, but like everyone else, HATE the opinions


I, like just about every other reviewer, believe this is a great App with one big (relatively new) exception; the opinions of the developer on the Home page. Dude, no one cares what you think! Obviously based on your responses to reviews you are butt hurt and are now going overboard just to prove you can. Grow up, listen to your users, and stop already. Five stars if you do.

Used to love it.


I have used this app for years, and have always loved it for quick updates throughout the day when I can't watch feeds. Whoever is the moderator now has ruined it with their opinionated bias. I don't care what the person giving the updates thinks about someone. I don't want to see your edits on your opinion. I only want to know the facts of what happened. It used to be very neutral. Go to a message board if you want to state your opinions. Otherwise keep it professional.



This app used to be great for getting info when I was away from live feeds. The posters simply posted what was happening. NOW... I'm tired of seeing the posters' opinions relating to who they like or dislike.... obviously some opposite of my own opinions. Also, some posters either don't know how to type or have very poor English. Others go on and on and are posting using the wrong houseguest's name until another poster will (finally) jump in and correct them. It's just ridiculous and I won't be using app anymore.



Used this app for a few years now and always liked it. Just recently this season always weird info placed in the main screen that can be misleading seems to be along the truth in the house, but smart remarks either in favor or not in favor of who the person who post the info can be a little misleading. I'll just stick to twitter and live feeds.



I used to love the app, and I still enjoy the updates. However, I am deleting it because whoever runs the app is so opinionated and posts their opinions instead of the updates. And example of this is how they set a snake for Paul's photo...I looked one more time...still opinionated. Only post facts already! & thanks for the note but you're not reporting facts when your updates clearly show your dislike for Paul. You're so childish and should want your app to have a good rating. Instead you leave replies like that. Haha

Not as good as it used to be

Orlando Rose

Okay. We get it. You don't like Paul. Changing his picture on your app to a snake is juvenile. With the exceptions of Kevin and Matt most of the house members have exhibited juvenile behavior. That is expected. What is not expected is for an app host to show bias and when called out on it reply in kind. The fact that I'm not alone with this observation speaks volumes.

The best BB app. Period.


You get it right every single time. Paul is a snake. The events of this week were shameful. Thanks for providing us with awesome updates and for always telling us the real truth. I am team Cody&Jess all the way during #BB19

Very biased; sensitive developer

Newton's Apples

The person who is in charge of the status changes of the app is sensitive as hell! Keep your opinions to yourselves. I am positive I am speaking for many when we say all we want is updates and not any opinions! For example, changing Paul's picture on the Memory Wall to a snake was absolutely uncalled for and absolutely blasphemous and bias. RESPONSE TO DEVELOPER'S RESPONSE: Yes, I am aware of your sensitivity lol. If you're so sensitive to this matter, then do yourself a favor and do not bring up your opinions in the status update when we want just facts! Most importantly, please do not end your opinion tirades with your infamous ending, "Just stating facts, not opinions. The truth" cause we all know you are being immensely opinionated. Honestly, if you are so sensitive to bullying just put your opinions to an halt. Thank you, and off to delete this app and download BIG BROTHER BUDDY.

Favorite BB App


Ad-free as I asked! Thank you! I hate giving my favorite BB app 3 stars. By far the best app out there. I pay/donate when asked by any of the site or apps, but this is a simple, easy and dark aka easier to read and see (#science) app. The rest are slow to update, more biased and have too many advertisements, even more than this app. I would GLADLY pay for ad free version. Or did I already pay .99 cents? I don't know. It's been a hard search for logical phone updates (Jokers). My only 2 issues: 1) Losing my place when I'm reading updates. Other apps "show as read" or save your spot. 2) Give me pay for no ads and a bookmark or something to hold my reading spot. I can't even go look at your memory wall without losing my place...and let's face it, some people float so hard we don't know them from the live feeds, tv, After Dark or see them until they're evicted. I've been watching BB since season 1. I'm old. I remember the tiny one camera feed that was 3x3 square! #ChickenGeorge I do love and appreciate the work you put in your development. I love the extras too.

What happened? Can we get someone to run this app that cares to keep us up to date?


I used to look to this app to keep me up to date on Big Brother. Not so much anymore. I used to like this app a lot in past seasons but it has gone downhill lately. It feels like whomever is running it doesn't care much anymore.