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Pictophile Pro - Convert Video to Gif With Built in Gif Editor | Maker | Creator is paid iOS app published by Derek Buchanan

Good app


All hail our lord and savior Derek, and bless this beautiful creation he has made

Best Meme App to date


You got spicy memes every visit, stupid community you’ll grow to love, and you can MAKE YOUR OWN MEMES from scratch!!! Been on here since early 2015 and it’s been my goto app ever since then.

Downhill since Braap was banned


Was a great app until recent banning of both Braap and NotBraap (who isn’t Braap) RIP Pictophile

It’s just not good.

plagendary-eez nutz

Ive been on the app since 2016, and I enjoyed building my account up, being recognized for some funny memes. However, Now the admins decide what is funny or not, none of its enjoyable. It’s very one sided with what is supposed to be on this app now. Most of the time, the other users come off as racist, insensitive, or violent. Ruining the app for funny pics or laughs, and being filled with politics or how the app has gone off. I am not sure what they have to fix other than the users, they template is wonderful and it runs very well, just the environment ruins the app for me and lot of my friends who I got on this app. Thank you for the laughs over these last 4 years!

Good community, Bad ownership


I’ve had an account since 2013. I lost my login and the app couldn’t locate it with the “forgot login” option. Emailing the “support” doesn’t work at all because they don’t respond. I opened the app on my old phone but I can’t change the password since I forgot my old one. I asked an admin to talk to Derek about it and they basically said he’s not working anymore. He’s complete given up on working on his own app or helping out those who have supported him for a long time. It’s pathetic. Thanks Derek

Greatest meme app ever


This is by far the best meme app I’ve ever used. I searched far and wide for a meme app like this, this is amazing. The censorship is not oppressive, the tools are excellent and easy to use! The community is great, I’ve not had issues with app performance at all! Great app, would and have recommended it to friends, 10/10!

Great app!


Perfect app to create memes and gifs! Easy to use and not bloated with features you’ll never use. Some classic gifs that have been created with the app still make their rounds in my group chats even after a couple years.

If you rate below 5 stars please die

Friend me at Skullhero54

I’ve had this app for almost 2 years took breaks from now and then but never got rid or it because it has a very good community, well sometimes 🤣 but being honest here best choice to download this app, and hope you get better Derek life will continue to move forward which means you don’t have to stop and give up, just make with what you got and keep going. From you friend ZooL



suk me off fentanyl ecks dee

Best app ever :)


Download it, literally nothing else compares to it. And the dev actually cares, do you know how rare that is????