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Pictophile Pro - Convert Video to Gif With Built in Gif Editor | Maker | Creator

Pictophile is an app that specializes in the sharing of funny/entertaining photos and GIFs. And maybe a few videos here and there.
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Entertainment $1.99 Derek Buchanan iPhone, iPad, iPod

We help maintain a community that enjoys creating and sharing content for others' amusement.

Oh my goodness has this app got it all. Check out the long list of image/gif/video builders that let you caption, edit, customize, and build some of the greatest things your imagination can come up with.

Once you are done using the builder, you can upload your creation for the world to see and comment on.

What are you waiting for m8?


Terrible coding

If you write a comment beyond the maximum letter count, it won't tell you until you try to post the comment and then it'll delete what you wrote anyway, forcing you to write your entire dissertation again. Just awful, also the admins are power tripping micro-managers akin to a shift lead running their McDonald's like a navy boot camp, because that's all they'll get in terms of real power and it gets to their head, only use this app for funny memes and go about your day, you'll do yourself an immense favor

Good meme maker
Kay Kay 22

Good meme maker. terrible social meme app. Seems like it’s only puppies cats and half naked girls yes I do mean girls that make it to the front page or don’t get privated. Get the free version for the meme maker

Not a great app.

Freezes all time, constantly crashes and causes my phone to shut down. Jack is that new admin.

Video stitcher
just another wattpad writer

App is cool and all, but I can’t use the video stitcher. Hoping this is fixed soon.

Accounts are Broken

I’m logged in but is says I’m not. Have had my account for a long time but now it’s not working 😔

Couldn’t save video.
Arky Heartless

Tried to save a video using a border caption, unable to save for some strange reason. Help?

4/5 really good but..

Would get 5 but has an error every time I try to save anything):

Love it, buuut

I’ve had some trouble lately with the app not properly removing the background in images. I’ve redownloaded the app and will see if that fixes it. UPDATE: problem still exists. Please resolve


⛑ 🍎 id thugs. Derek’s ‘people’ steal apple id and has full access to ALL your private information.

Just ignore them

The app itself is fine and the posts aren’t bad. Community and admins are atrocious. Just have to ignore them.

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