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Pet Salon: Hair Spa,Makeover,Facial,Makeup & Dressup is free iOS app published by GameiMax



U have to unlock all the stuff.........and keeped shoting down on me

Hate it?


Ok let me be the first to say that I got the app but it kept on crashing so let me tell you it's bad VERY BAD! Save time , space ,and most of all giggobytes don't get it I may be 8 but it really stinks like morning breath!?????


Peanut 64

This game is the best game ever



Every thing is lock


Birdy bee

looks so coot



Ok so first of all DO NOT get this app you have to UNLOCK EVERYTHING and you can't really do anything save yourself TIME MONEY AND GYGS!!(gigabytes) Honestly TOCA BOCA is WAYY BETTER than this yea you have to pay for TOCA BOCA but TOCA BOCAs ACCTUALLY WORTH IT!! I don't lie! ♡

Needs upgrade


There are multiple things about this game that is bad! 1: the graphics are horrible they look like a video game from years before the 2000's. 2: there aren't enough things to chose from and everything is locked it seems like only the cat is available. 3: it's boring all you do is click click click . DO NOT GET THIS YOU BERED IT AS SO AS YOU GET IT!!!

It sucks???


First off, I want to say this app is nothing. Most of the features are locked and when I TREID to click stuff it didn't do anything I looked like a fool. And also most of the time it kept crashing. DO NOT GET THIS APP!!!!!!!!! IT STINKS LIKE POOP!!!!!!? ( well it is poop)

Do not get this game


-very bad graphics -you only get one pet -the pets are ugly -it looks like your hurting the pet when you wash it I think that the makers of this game need to do better very low quality game.DO NOT GET THIS GAME.