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Pet Salon: Hair Spa,Makeover,Facial,Makeup & Dressup is free iOS app published by GameiMax

Awesome and cute game

Katie cutie ???

I give this game five is because it is cute and awesome it is not worth nothing


Ashely 432

I hate the pop up signs but the game is cute

Won't open


It looked like a really cute game and I thought I would give it a try even though other people say it bad. Sure enough, it was. I tapped on the app as soon as it was done downloading, and it just gave me a black screen. I tried re-installing it, and it still gave me a black screen :( So disappointing. . . And what I find really objectionable is on one of the sample pictures up there on the screen says $h*t Really?! The company would say such a word on a kid's game?!



This game rocks you reading this will will love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!& make the hair colorful



Worst game EVER Everything is locked



So cutie and fun you should try it my niece LOVES it??



Soo boring. I tired it out and relized it had almost no options on the hair and clothes unless u buy!!! And they make u give te cat a facial!!! How is that possible

I am soo mad

3 grader

All most every thing is locked it stinks!!!!!! Don't. Get it. Really don't ! I am not a lier I never lie don't get this game!!!!

Aww. So cute!


It is very cute and oh so fun! U get some good stuff if u don't pay, and great stuff if u do buy the full version I suggest u do bye it because it is worth it. Its so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



It's the best but you have to unlock things by buying them