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Pet Salon: Hair Spa,Makeover,Facial,Makeup & Dressup

1st time in AppStore Pet Hair salon, Makeover & Dressup 3 in 1 game.
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The cutest Pet Salon game has arrived!!! Now Dress up your pet the way you want to.

We can have 3 different services: Makeover, Hair Salon & Dressup Your Pet.

1) Makeover :

* Give your Pet lovely Bath
* Cleanup with Towel
* Cleanup Dirty nose with Paper Napkin
* Give Amazing Facial to your pet

2) Hair Salon :

* Cut Hair with Tap on Pet's hair
* Dry pet's hair
* Hair oil will make pet's hair grow
* Make a Curly hair
* You can also Straitning pet's hair
* Make a color ful hair with given 15+ hair shades

3) Dress Up :

* 1000s of possibilities with dressup
* Use of multiple Accessories
* Create a nice Fashionable pet

A well-known Pet Salon Makeover Game in the FASHION industry for you to express your makeover sense with Hair Spa, Makeover , Makeup & Dressup!

Benefits / Features:

* 3 types of different game integration in single app
* Different options available including hair salon,makeover,dresses,
* 1000's of different combinations/looks possible.
* Post your pet's new look on social networking sites
* Save the final look in your photo album.
* In your phone, make different photos matching your friends pet and assign the photos as display pics for their contact name by saving your creation in photo gallery and than assigning to the contact number.



It's C.O.O.L if you know what I mean

Love it

I love this game it is oh so cute

El' stinko
Andrea 5s

This game looks fun, but is kind of frustrating. And almost all the accessories are locked. Seems like a good game, but really it's not. Sorry to the people who like this game and thinks this review is mean. But hey, it's the truth man.

Worst app

Never get this app it is bad dont waste your money

Pretty dull after a while.

I saw the screenshots and thought the game was pretty funny and cute. I played the game for 5 minutes. you only can play with ONE pet. If you want the puppy, you've got to pay to get him. You get to give the pet a bath, and you have to pay to get the other ways to clean the pet. You get to dress it, but you guessed it, it needs an In-app purchase. It's cute, but it gets very boring after 5 minutes without paying. It's best you save up your money and buy Toca Boca's Hair Salon 2.

Not very good

It's fun but almost all the accessories are locked,

Its ok

It gets boring after awile


It's fun until you get board. Then, there is a bad influence if a younger child is playing this. On the home screen and when you select what animal you want to groom, there is a newspaper saying The United State is going to war. The whole boarder is about war. And if you play too long the app quits out. I'm sorry for those who like the app but for whom that is considering getting it please don't!!! 


I am unable to even open the application up. When it does start, it sometimes leaves the screen black....


This game is so cute and fun. I don't know why only 12 people play it.