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Rediscover love, mystery, romance and grand adventure with Pearl’s Peril. Relive the flirty thirties with exciting puzzles and gripping storylines, travel the world and unravel a hidden object mystery you’ll never forget!
In an era of exploration and romance, you’ll join Pearl – ace pilot, detective and heroine – on a whirlwind adventure. Travel to distant lands, confront dastardly villains and make lifelong friends on your way to unravelling a conspiracy bigger than you could ever imagine.

Week by week, unlock fresh adventures and new stories. From the bottom of the Pacific to the top of the Eiffel Tower, revisit the golden age of exploration and get swept away on a truly thrilling adventure.
Challenge your friends with weekly score competitions, build your own fantastic island and become a super sleuth. With hundreds of beautiful hidden object scenes for you to discover, thousands of items to find, and a huge array of puzzles to complete, you’ll have the time of your life with Pearl’s Peril.

Hundreds of stunning, hand-drawn scenes to transport you to new and wonderful places.
A story-driven game that leaves you with dramatic moments to cherish.
Have fun! Fall in love! Get swept away! Be shocked! But beware… nothing is ever as it seems.
Enjoy exciting challenges, island building and hidden object puzzles to get you thinking.
With plenty of new hidden object puzzles and scenes, you’ll never run out of things to do.
Connect your game across Facebook, iPad and now iPhone! Become the best detective on the leaderboard - anywhere, anytime, anyplace.

Over 40 million players worldwide
90 chapters of gripping action and adventure
Over 500 stunning, hand-drawn puzzle scenes
Dozens of incredible locations, such as Paris, Moscow and Singapore

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Pearl’s Peril is free to download and play, but it also allows you to purchase virtual items with real money inside the game. You can disable in-app purchases in your device’s settings.
You may require an Internet connection to play Pearl’s Peril and access its social features. Pearl’s Peril may also contain advertising.


Discover the romance, mystery and adventure of Pearl’s Peril. Play now and get sleuthing!


Fun Game
Celly Again

This game is a lot of fun been playing for a couple of years.

Stuck on load screen

The game will not start at all now for the last two days. It's stuck at the load screen. Could someone tell me how to resolve this issue or if it will be resolved in a future update? Otherwise, I love playing the game.

Will not load
Arky 1

For the last few days my iPad will not load the game. I usually play everyday and enjoy but don’t know why it won’t load . My iPad is up to date?... sitting in Hospice facility and would like to have game to occupy my time.

Best game ever!

I love this game! Keeps the mind sharp and is very addictive. I play it every day and love it. Very good story lines and challenges. It’s a must play game. Also play June’s journey.


I’ve been playing this game since the beginning. My only complaint is that FB is needed to play. So if some pimply face mid in FB land decides he doesn’t like my comment, there goes my games. So in essence, you will lose any future money I might spend. Please make JJ and PP independent of FB. Thank you.


I can’t find the rules of the game.

Kicked out

Another update! My last update didn't send! Good game! Suggest Iceland and Alaska! UPDATE! I contacted Tech Support, and they actually care! They did everything possible for me, and stayed in touch! It's not perfect, but is much better than it was, and they were able to restore my game!! Good people!! Playing the game for years, on 76. Kept getting booted and having to restart the game after a forced update. Thought it my fault so, so I cleared all data, including my ID. Now I had to start over, and I see it has happened to others. Frustrating, and needs attention. Otherwise good memory game!

they cheat you
Samombad game

have been playing this game for years an it was taken away from me TWICE my original game number was app8jh42pe3p! so I started another game they took it away this is my THIRD time starting again and getting tired of it! I did get my original one back one time and I had one of the highest score! I’m tired of playing this game but I always did enjoy it because it took my mind off my problems but know I only play it now when I have a minute! So i’ll tell you all don’t spend as much ?on this game cause Tell her you’ll probably lose it or they’ll take it away!


Why on earth is there Christmas decorations in September?

Perl’s peril

I love this game to keep my mind sharp! I play everyday.

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