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4/5 rating based on 64 reviews. Read all reviews for Oil Tycoon: Idle Miner Factory for iPhone.
Oil Tycoon: Idle Miner Factory is free iOS app published by Gismart Limited

Great game


Very good and well balanced game, I’ve been playing daily for the past two weeks and can’t get enough.

Oil tycoon

dak bell

The only thing that I don’t see that is right is that Samsung users get the bundle that you have to pay for for free and the iPhone users have to pay the money for that vip access to the game other than that it is a great game

Love the app...but....


After a few hours of play,the app automatically closes and when I go back in it kicks me out. Can’t stay logged on. Any suggestions and I’m solid 5 stars.



There is currently a bug active in my game that when I try to open it about most of the time it turns the screen black and sends me back to the homepage if you could fix this that would be great,thanks!

Any support?


Is there any support at all for this game? It would be a great game, and I’ll change my rating if this game still has support. Why does my VIP not work now? With VIP you get 5 minutes on the auto pump. Now it’s back to 2 minutes, and I still have VIP active. What’s going on? Doctor Mike

Fun game until it starts glitching

nick woodard

I signed my email and password and it won’t let me stay on keeps kicking me off anyway to fix it?

Well then


Games fun. Then I saved to my gmail account and now it crashes at the loading screen so it’s unplayable

Great but...


Well I love the game but for some reason none of the ads work to lower the time on chests or anytime you try to play an ad. I’ve had multiple game crashes as well. It could easily be a 4-5 star if these were fixed.

Good but


They don’t even know where to put the Dollar sign. The game is buggy too.

Sloves the bug

Pilot Hassan

Hello guys, i just found a way to log in the game without crash after you save the game : switch the airplane mode or turn off the wifi and enter the game and you will be able to play it without crash