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4/5 rating based on 64 reviews. Read all reviews for Oil Tycoon: Idle Miner Factory for iPhone.
Oil Tycoon: Idle Miner Factory is free iOS app published by Gismart Limited

One of the best


In my opinion this game is one of the best free games I’ve ever played

Best game every with no ads


Just had to give a review I bought the 6.99 pack game me the gems and no ads and a few other thing and let me tell you this is the first game when you purchase a no ad y’all really mean it no ads I give this game an overall 5 star more if I could it’s fun and awesome thanks and keep it coming with more and creative ideas.

I’m satisfied

Paul Eleuterio

This game is perfect!

Oil tycoon

slimjim the rider

I like the game very fun

Great game.


Awesome game but a lot of adds.

Deceitful ads


Ads that trick you into tapping

No way to contact support


I purchased a premium pack but did not revice the complete package and now i have no way of contacting support

Bought goods but failed to receive them

Jazz Hands16

Fun game however I paid for 75 + 25 bonus gems today ($2.99) and never got them. Will be contacting Apple to reverse charge in the morning.

Implementing ADs


I realize alot of companies that make mobile games have to put ads in their game to make a profit and most of the time it interferes with the game forcing you to watch them. With this game i LOVE that the ads have a function in the game that encourages you to watch them increasing the fun you are able to have while playing by giving you x2 money or oil i wish more mobile games implemented this.



Yes me play after my divorce