Oil Tycoon: Idle Miner Factory Reviews

4/5 rating based on 64 reviews. Read all reviews for Oil Tycoon: Idle Miner Factory for iPhone.
Oil Tycoon: Idle Miner Factory is free iOS app published by Gismart Limited

To many adds


The games is fun and a good time killer but I feel like their is to many adds in my opinion. That’s the only reason I gave it 3 stars

If you want an unplayable game


This is your game the adds are extremely intrusive makeing the game click ones watch add so all and all not me sort of game

Too many ads


This game plugs micro transactions and displays plenty of ads. I have no problem watching ads. Especially, knowing that it helps the developers. However, this game crosses the line with how many ads they show.

Sweet game


This game is a great way to kill time



It tries to trick you into watching an add. And had an add before the tutorial was even over. Not worth my time.

Fun game but...


I liked the game when I first started playing but since the added an ad break almost every time you move in and out of areas, the game freezes constantly.

Filled with non skippable ads


I don't mind ads when they provide optional bonuses. This game hit me with a non skippable ad within a minute of starting the game.

To many adds


Great game but you can’t hardly move from screen to screen with out watching a commercial and then crashing

Was awesome.....now ads


This game WAS awesome.... then the last update almost cripple the game with ADs. Every 5-8 clicks another 20 sec ad. Get right or get bent. Continued: Dropped down a star because p, I want to play, and hope they fixed the issue each time I log in. But then like an abusive ex...they punk you again.

Fix fix fix

TaunTs aV

I spent over 300 diamonds on diamond cases and I can’t get them I purchase and then hit the plus to open and it brings up where I have to buy more, fix this and it would be 5 stars spent $20 on diamonds and now there gone and didn’t get the cases I purchase with diamonds