Nimble Ninja - Action Game Reviews

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Nimble Ninja - Action Game is free iOS app published by Best Free and Fun Games, LLC

Awesome Ninja Style Game!

Stephan Noack

Absolutely love this game and all the challenging levels! Thanks for another great game evertap!



This app is awesome I love it... very fun game

Fun for passing time


This game makes you think at times because there are different types of obstacles in each level, but it is fun and the graphics are pretty good. This game is something to pass the time with so it is worth a try. The only problem is that at times the ninja will not do what I tapped it to do. Overall, it is a good app to play.

Awsooooooome and funn


I really enjoy with it ...

Awesome game


Wow this game is very awesome I like it....

Piece of Junk


Just downloaded and it will not load. Removed and reloaded, same problem. Waste of my time...

Very fun!

Efrain sahagun

This game is perfect when you are looking for good time to waste time but yet well worth it!

Very cool!


Had very fun playing this game and a good way to have a good time when you are bored



Great app... Very fun & addictive…



Ok game