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Nimble Ninja - Action Game is free iOS app published by Best Free and Fun Games, LLC

Gr8 Game

LoneZ Gamer

This is a Gr8 and Awesome Game. If you are reading this and still haven't downloaded this game yet, THEN DOWNLOAD IT... Well what are you waiting for!?!


Funny bunny!!!

A very fun game!!!!

Good game very cool


Very nice game

Quite a fun game


The game is quite fun but I do not know what to do and what is the meaning of those movement. And the game is pretty dry when you playing in mute.. (I have to play it in mute at work):

Addicting Game!


I love this game! It's very fun to play!

Addicting game


Downloaded it few mins ago and im already loving it!!

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Jacob Rush

Very fun game! Some levels are a little challenging, but a fun 30 minute game.

Has some flaws, places where it can get polished


For starters, the game will crash after a few levels on gen 4 devices. We should have an option to skip the intro, seeing it every time gets boring fast. The game has only 2 ninja animations, running and standing still, the transition between running and standing still on levels where you have to stop needs to be redone, at the moment it shows him running on the spot before standing still, you could add another animation where he breaks or something. Also, it's fine if all the levels are the same every time, but there should be an option to have a randomly generated tower




It is awesommmeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!


I love it?. It is so addictive and fun. You really have to try it and see for yourself that is an awesome game