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Nimble Ninja - Action Game is free iOS app published by Best Free and Fun Games, LLC



Probably the most addicting game I've ever played besides Minecraft and Happy Wheels. I really enjoy playing it when I am bored or just want a little challenge. Best. iOS. game. EVER!

Nimble Ninja


I don't understand level 36 it blank and I don't know what to do, ok game


Framing hanleys #1 fann

So much fun! So many challenges!

Go ninja Go ninja Go!


From the funny comic story beginning I knew it was was going to be a fun eventful and thrilling game. Whose ready to be a ninja warrior and rescue the girl! Love the different levels sometimes I wasn't sure if I was suppose to tap or hold lol. Love the story, love the game. Ninjas rock! I think I'll be a Ninja for Halloween.

Overall good game

Getitnow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'

This game first starts slow in my opinion then progressively starts getting harder and I like that. The game itself is an interesting concept where you have to save your girlfriend, many levels ,akes it more challenging as you go. Overall, is a good game



This app was so fun! I started playing it, and missed my bus! My mom said I could have an off day, so I got to stay home! Thanks



The game is so fun I can't stop playing it that's why I won't to win the$100 gift card an fact my mom just bout my brother a iPod and the first game he got was nimble ninja me and my brother played non-stop! I LOVE IT !

i love this app


a very great app evertap keep up the great work i love all ur guys app :)

Thumbs up!


This game is great.



One of the best games ever. I want my $300 gift card.