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The Adapt App gives you exclusive access to the latest and greatest features of your Nike Adapt footwear.

Tighten or loosen Nike Adapt footwear from your phone. The Adapt App allows you to make fine-tuned adjustments for each shoe to get the perfect fit.

The first time you put on your shoes, the app will create two modes; one tuned for activity and the other relaxing. You can also create personalized fits with custom modes.

Connect your Apple Watch to easily tighten or loosen the fit from your wrist.

Instantly adjust your shoes using only your voice with five different Siri Shortcuts.

Every detail within the app matches the look and feel of the shoes you’re connected to.

Light packs combine iconic Nike colors with pulsing, strobe and gradient light effects. Set how long you want your shoes to glow, or turn off the lights completely.

Know exactly how much power you have left, and get notified when you need to charge your shoes.

The Adapt App gives you a secure connection to your Nike Adapt shoes. Once your shoes are paired, only you can control your fit.

The Adapt App allows you to remotely adjust the fit of your Nike Adapt shoes and requires data like current fit, LED color and battery level to be transmitted from the shoes to the app. For more information, go to


Air max adapts

My shoes have now been broken just by charging and checking the battery percentage while being on the charger. They won’t unlace and are deforming their self. I tried to troubleshoot yet nothing will work. Tried to disconnect and reconnect and nothing will work. The shoes were good while they worked but for no reason they are broken now.

Were is save button

There is no save button so it just keeps reverting back to what ever it wants for game setup.

Unable to loosen shoes

If accidentally tighten your shoes with the app (let’s say to 40%) when you aren’t wearing them, and then go back into the app an hour later to find that the app thinks you’re shoes are now loose (let’s say to 0%), there is no way to reset this and your shoes will forever be set at this new tightness, no matter how many hard/soft resets have been performed. $400 shoes are now bricks. Unacceptable. How can software be created that is unable to detect or keep a memory of previous instances of tightening?

Easy Peasy

Easy to set up and I love the custom lace settings through the app. So happy I was able to purchase the Nike Adapt Bb 2.0 Air Mag CW on Back to The Future Day. That was pretty cool. This is the closest thing I can come to having the version of the Nike Air Mag which I hope Nike somehow gives us an opportunity for the general public who loves not only the movie but the but the actual shoes that Michael J Fox wore. I still would like an actual pair of the autolacing Nike Air Mags from 2016.

Awesome app for an awesome shoe...

I’m like a kid in a doggone candy store...

Already Paired, Try Again

Really excited to get shoes. I charged the shoes over night. Downloaded the app from the App Store. Followed directions to pair. I can not get past the Pair screen in the app. I looked up “Trouble Shooting” followed the directions and did not work. Shoes show up “Not Connected” in Bluetooth. I’ve deleted them tried to connect after reboot and get same results. Paying a premium for the shoes to be self lacing and not working very disappointed .

Please don’t buy these shoes or use this app
Nicholas R5

I’m sure you've thought of the chance your foot gets stuck inside. I received my adapts yesterday and after my left foot got laced in it has been stuck for more than 24 hours now. I had to call nike customer service multiple times, they just gave me the option to return the shoes (which are stuck on my feet). I have tried all the reset options multiple times, deleted and downloaded the app, and unpaired / repaired the shoes countless times. After the software update today I was hoping my left foot would be freed but now the shoe has become even less responsive and the lights do not turn on when I click them. I’ve been waiting 36 hours now for an email back which they said had “priority”. At this point I just want permission to cut the trap shoe off my foot and receive the 350$ back, But after all the time I’ve waited for a response I doubt I will purchase Nike again. This is single-handedly the worst experience I have ever had with a product I have paid for. Please save yourself the chance of receiving a defect with no compensation or customer service and steer clear away from these shoes and this app.

Shoes won’t connect

My shoes won’t connect I bought them new and went to pair and they won’t connect

App updated many times but not my shoes

I have writen to all the places I could find of Nike to talk why my Adapts can not be updated but nobody answers. I can not have the dual color of this update due to that. CAN ANYBODY HELP ME WITH THIS?

Effects don’t work
DJ Hypa

Needs another update effects not working it says unable to do so