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The NikeConnect App lets you unlock the exclusive experience that comes with your Nike NBA Connected Jersey. By simply opening the app and tapping your smartphone on the tag on the bottom of your jersey, you unlock next-level access to curated highlights tailored to your player, exclusive offers and experiences that get you closer to the game you love.
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Sports Free Nike, Inc iPhone

Activates NFC reader mode allowing you to scan the NikeConnect NFC tag on the bottom of your jersey. Requires iPhone 7 or newer.


This app is unusable

This app is scanning my Durant jersey for the 2019-2020 nba season and not reading and coming up with an error page. FIX IT

Fix app please

Keeps saying Nike connect is have network errors. Please fix this error I loved the app yesterday because it was working fine now I can’t scan my 300$ Nike jersey highly upset.

it just wont work i tried like ten times and it keep saying that it cant connect

sorry the right one is??????????????????!

Gives rewards
Person on line

Yummy stiff

Incredible experience.

This smart jersey experience is incredible. A limited edition NFC connection between the tangible and digital world. As always, Nike is way head of its competition. The Nike FAQ states that much more is coming and this technology in the NFL and MLB jerseys would truly fly off the shelf! Can’t wait. Well done Nike!

Nike connect

Just shows up as a black and screen and won’t scan anything

Nike (Doesn’t) Connect
Ciera Stroope

Doesn’t work. Support link errors out. Support phone number doesn’t connect. Pitiful app with the worst Nike support I’ve ever encountered. But my Doncic jersey is awesome.


This app does now work. Period.

Nike Connect isn’t working
jayden reger

Although I respect what the app’s purpose is, it isn’t working and it keeps saying internet connection error

Network error
Aha hahaahahahaha

I have tried to connect multiple times every way possible and it says “NETWORK ERROR”. It is not even worth trying anymore.

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