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narwhal for reddit is free iOS app published by Rick Harrison

Brilliant app


Very well made app. Sadly it's censured by Apple like all Reddit apps.

Tried them all, this one is the best.


Everything about this app is perfect. You think of an idea and then you go to use the stop and its already implemented.

Almost Perfect


Great app worth the cost. Would give 5 stars but I can't use it for mod stuff. Please give me the ability to moderate with this app!

Lovely done but


5.13 Narwhal now has become my 'official' reddit client. But I can't add or remove subs within the multireddits, which is quite... I've noticed that someone raised this suggestion on the narwhal sub 6 months ago, so maybe it's about the time...? -------------------------- I can't view the users' profiles or can I? That's not supposed to be a pro function right? Anyway thank you for bringing such an adorable client for reddit ( ˘ ³˘)♥

This app is really good

Mighty Orphan

Not far from being perfect. UI is pretty amazing.

Awesome app, with a few more features it'd be perfect


If it had an embedded photo viewer rather than opening the link in safari, I'd upgrade. A link button at the top would be nice too, so I don't have to scroll up to see the image/article again and scroll back down to where I was in the comments. Finally, It'd also be good to keep the 3D preview open until I tap away instead of it being open only while I'm holding my finger down

It's good


It's good

Best Client Ever


Hands down. You will not regret it.

Solid app, cartoonish icon and icon banner


Great UI and solid app but it is held back by a childish icon and icon banner.

Best reddit


Best reddit app by a mile. Thank you!! A few suggestions though: - please make it easier to click links. I end up collapsing the comment more than half the time :( - overall, markdown text formatting needs improvement. Quotes, strikethru, superscript etc - show gilding on posts and comments - sharing options need to be improved. Copy link should only copy the link, not some extra text that confuses my browser. Also there should be options to open directly in safari, chrome, etc - it would be amazing to have a search-in-thread function built in, so we don't have to switch to a browser to do it.