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narwhal for reddit is free iOS app published by Rick Harrison

Grab this one


It's the best out of all the others I've tried. Good design, and snappy UI.

Purchasing Pro does not remove ads


The app interface is fantastic, but the ads will come back every 5 minutes which means going into settings to restore pro upgrade, restart the app and maybe it will remove them. Then they are back 5 minutes later. Also you have to type your password each time, no touch ID to verify apple I'd. Have already reset the app and uninstalled reinstalled with a restart of the phone too :( Everything else is great though, just the part where I paid for pro and still get ads

Best Reddit Client


After I lost my sweet sweet Alien Blue, I didn't know what to do. But then Narwhal came in and blew the other snoos into the bufoo. Honestly though Narwhal is the best Reddit client out there.

So close


Narwhal is so close to being perfect. But I can't give 5 stars because of some glaring things that stand out. The app mostly works great, but loading comments and threads can get stuck throughout the day. Also switching comment order and refreshing comments is not ideal, but I must say that swiping to the side for automatic up/down votes / edits / etc. is brilliant. If you combined the swiping side to side, refresh by pulling down, and easy switch in comment order, this would be the best app for (sports) game threads.

So great, just keep updating


It's my favorite Reddit app to use right now, but it's just a little too buggy. Can't wait to see more polish! Totally worth the pro upgrade either way

U blow



Such much amaze.


I felt like the reddit app was going downhill, and was honestly about to forgot it altogether. And then I found this beautiful version. Love the utilization of swiping, seems to refresh faster, and seems to just have a all around better interface. Honestly, I'm a little drink which is why I'm writing this, but tho honestly tho, it's a great app. You should download it. If you like Reddit.

Look no further!


If you're like I was, downloading a bunch of apps trying to find a solid way to browse Reddit on your iPhone/iPad; you definitely need to try this! Trust me, I've tried them all & Narwhal is by FAR the best! It's never crashed or froze, looks great, & I can't think of a single function it's missing! Highly recommended.