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narwhal is a simple application to browse all of reddit. All of these features were designed from the ground up specifically for iOS 8:
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News Free Rick Harrison iPhone, iPad, iPod

- View any and all subreddits
- A seamless experience to see a link and its comments at the same time
- Voting on posts and comments through a simple swipe
- Hide and save links to your reddit account
- Add new posts to your favorite subreddit
- View all of your orangereds
- What are you waiting for!? It’s free, go ahead and download!


I can’t believe this isn’t recommended more

This app oozes quality. As a 10+ year reddit user, I feel like Narwhal truly understands the reddit experience and integrates it perfectly onto the iPad. ALWAYS for me, the best reddit experience was on desktop, but Narwhal has changed my mind. It takes no info or control away from desktop viewing, but adds so much sleekness and intuitive controls that it’s now the best way to access reddit for me. 5/5 better then whatever official reddit is doing to its site nowadays

Good reddit app

You know what would make it better? If you fixed ads hijacking my audio. For now I'll look at another alternative, even though I've used this for years.

Favorite Reddit app, only one request
Sir Blackous

This is my favorite Reddit app out of the dozens I have tried. I’ve been using it for years. The only request I have is to have the option to flair posts when making one. A few of the subs I frequent require you to use a flair depending on the type of post you make, but there’s no way to do that in this app unless you switch to desktop to add it in later.

App crashes frequently
Sophia Flowers

I’ve been using the app for a few months and at least a couple times a day the app screen goes dark and has to be restarted. Update: the app now offers an obnoxious loud beeping noise every time the scrabble advertisement pops up! Even if your phone is on silent you will still hear it!!

Excellent App With One Minor Bug

This is the best reddit app due to the ability to save subreddits, fast scrolling, and the fact it's the only reddit app I can download on my dinosaur iPod Touch. XP The only issue I have is the frequent appearance of these 1-second long, completely blank videos. There's literally no need for them at all, since there are already banner ads below the text. I know you can pay for no ads, but a 1-second long video of a black screen is not an ad; it's an annoyance.

Best reddit app. Period.
Temo Lara

I’ve tried sooo many different apps including the native Reddit app. And none of them were cutting it. This one is a game changer. You can tell it was made to be straight forward and no bs. I HIGHLY recommend those that already use this app to spend the few dollars to remove ads. My favorite, probably ever. Also shout out to the devs for the surprise when you reload the page in r/treesπŸ˜‰. I see youπŸ‘€

Tons of customization & receptive devs!

I use Relay for Reddit on Android (and have since it was Reddit News), but when I got my iPad I was bummed to realize that Relay was Android exclusive. I saw a recommendation for narwhal and I’m really glad I did. While this app doesn’t always have everything that I want, or I have trouble finding a feature that it does, the developers have always seemed to be responsive to the comments that users are making. Narwhal gives me an easy and clutter-free way to browse my subreddits and I love it. I’d rate it a perfect 5/7! Thanks devs!

Intuitive, streamlined, like RES for mobile

I've tried them all: redditisfun, bacon reader, the official app, and none compare to Narwhal. First a lot of things function in gestures. Swipe left to up vote and swipe more left to down vote. Swipe right to save a post or reply to a comment and more right to access other options. To go back or forward just swipe the page left or right. Pull from the left to bring up the customizable menu. It also supports the 3D touch so you can hard press to preview the post or thread (your choice in the settings). Comments, threads, and chains are collapsible with a touch. You can set it up to hide posts after you view them. I think this is on by default and can be a bit alarming if you aren't expecting it. Don't worry, if you want to go back and look at it again, you can go into your recently viewed through the menu. You can also unhide the post. There are ads I'm the free version but if I recall they are just banners and sponsored posts. I paid the $4 to remove these because I like to support developers and especially ones who do the one and done pay model. No subscription, you just pay once and you're good. The developers are just doing this on the side as a sort of passion project. Along with the no ads, the premium gives you more customizing options. I'm not sure which ones are under the pay wall because I paid after like a day. But my husband hasn't paid on his phone and the app is perfectly usable without it. And there's also a night mode which is available in the free version.

Too many ads now. Use something else.
Mowgli 29

I’ve used this app faithfully for years now. I was fine with the number of ads it showed in the free version. But all the sudden it started showing video ads for Starbucks every single time I opened it, or clicked on a post. It makes it completely unusable. I’m deleting it. Hope they fix it. I like the UI better than the official app.

New Update makes App Unusable

While ads are understandable on a free app, the new video banner ad takes over the screen every 30-60 seconds, making the app almost unusable.

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