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narwhal is a simple application to browse all of reddit. All of these features were designed from the ground up specifically for iOS 8:
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- View any and all subreddits
- A seamless experience to see a link and its comments at the same time
- Voting on posts and comments through a simple swipe
- Hide and save links to your reddit account
- Add new posts to your favorite subreddit
- View all of your orangereds
- What are you waiting for!? It’s free, go ahead and download!


only app I’ve paid for willingly

pro version to remove ads is fantastic.

Last east version crashes constantly

Cancel writing a comment? App crashes. Try to embed an image in a comment? App crashes.

Leaving app for another now

Crashes when I close comment window. Crashes when I try to upload image. And now I don’t have permission to comment or post anywhere when I can do so fully on the website itself. The last update simply broke too much of my Reddit experience and I’m looking at other apps now. Good while it lasted and hope another update saves it.

Sleek reddit all

Fast, visually pleasing with a true black theme

Cool lil app

Better than the official app, but then again, that’s really not very hard. More customization of the interface would be nice- there’s a menu that I never use that gets opened annoying often, but beyond that, it’s a great app.

Keeps refreshing

I had to delete it, it refreshes automatically frequently so it was losing my place if I was scrolling the front page all the time if I rotated my phone on accident, checked a message, changed brightness etc. I don’t have background app refresh on, but that doesn’t seem to affect the official app at all.

F**k this app

You want a confusing, unintuitive way to browse reddit? Use the actual reddit app. You want a confusing, unintuitive way to browse reddit that crashes a lot? Narwhal has a submitted bug report for you

Still the best

There’s only a few things I wish it could do, (but every other app has dozens of things I wish it could do.) 1. I wish I could mark flair when posting since some subs require it. 2. I wish I could get notifications when there’s a new post in my favorite quiet sub. Or push new posts from that sub to the top so I never miss them? Something like that would be great.

Love it
No more sore eyes

Love it

Ads now pop up with sound

I didn’t really mind the ads at the bottom. They were fine and weren’t in the way. Now, however, when I’m browsing, a video ad will pop up and cover my whole screen. This is ruining my browsing experience. I will be deleting this app soon. Really disappointed.

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