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narwhal for reddit is free iOS app published by Rick Harrison

Best reddit client


This client is the best for Reddit. I like how you can hide read posts and keep going. Excellent app. I’ve had it for all of two mins, but is there a way to just sift through photos in a grid? That would be great

Touch ID breaks app on iPhone X


App works pretty well, but if you enable Touch ID on the iPhone X, it will just crash when you try to open it. Reinstalling disables that option and “fixes it”, but then you’re stuck using a pin code instead.

I can't click on subreddits?!


I LOVED this app! The upvote and downvote system was easy, also to save things was easy. I would give it a 5 star but this new glitch is happening where I can't find subreddits in the search bar or if I click on a subreddit, it will not take me to it. This has never happened before. I hope they fix it soon cuz I'm using another app until it's fixed.

My favorite reddit app

Back Sackandcrack

It’s easy to use, it has a great dark theme, the swiping means votes, saving , and all other things you can do with comments are easily available without taking up screen space. It has formatting buttons to apply effects for you, and the Lenny face library is most excellent as well.

One of the best apps, but...


Can we get a swipe down to refresh posts!? It’s ridiculous that this isn’t a thing. Apollo has it, why not Narwhal? And while we’re at it, make it easier/faster to subscribe to a subreddit and also easier/faster to view the sidebar. Going into the subreddit options is archaic. Thanks

Eats battery


The client is fine but it slays my battery. It used half of my battery in the last 24 hours while only being onscreen for ten minutes.

Would give it 5 stars if it wasn’t for the add removal rip off

صالح الحمد

I bought the full version but ads are still showing, other than that it’s the best reddit app

Is the Dyson ad the app or reddit?

mr vandemat

Because it constantly constantly constantly covers my entire screen. And I report it and google says they’ll “try” to block it and then don’t do anything at all. I don’t know who to be mad at but I’m ready to stop using the app because of how often it interrupts me. Apart from the dyson ad it’s been perfect for me.

It’s decent

Poppy pants charlie

Wasn’t expecting much since I’ve used alien blue since day one. This is decent tho

Use safari instead

Zachary lhdns24

This app always shows an ad at the bottom of every page when the app is open. Today, it started playing sound from an ad. The sound was unrelated to any of the ads I saw on the screen, and the sound could not be turned off. Pretty bad, and I will avoid this horrid app at all costs now.