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narwhal for reddit is free iOS app published by Rick Harrison

Truly an outstanding app


I’ve been using this app to browse reddit for 3 years (ish). I find myself preferring this to the desktop UI. The shortcuts are what make it for me. Swipe left to upvote, right for options, etc. I’ve also seen the integration with YouTube and other external sites improve tremendously. Video playback on small sites is still shaky sometimes, but generally works. The iPad app is even better! You can browse through links on the left side of your monitor and view content in the right. This is the main reason the desktop UI falls short, in my opinion. This is the best reddit app for iOS.

Best ever


This is Reddit

Used to be great now it's a laggy mess.


It's in usuable right now due to the lag. Every animation in the app has a near second long delay. Moving on to something else until the lag is fixed.

Great but

Lg Tone

For some reason it keeps crashing. Waiting for a fix. Other wise it’s a fantastic app. Once fixed I’ll update my rating.

Latest crashes every several minutes


Latest crashes every several minutes

Great app but


The latest update causes it to crash randomly. I’m sad.

Love Narwhal, but this bug is killing me.


Every time I open narwhal, it stops my Apple Music every time.

Amazing but one small problem


Recently a lot of Links fail to load when opening using the built-in browser they load halfway and time out. If I open them using Safari or Chrome on my phone they load just fine, so it’s a problem inside Narwhal. Please fix. Thank you

One of my favorite apps


Simply Amazing app.

Reddit the right way


I got this app some time ago and love it. Awesome on the mobile and easy to search for things on Reddit would recommend to everyone!