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Mumu - Chat Rooms, Teen Dating is free iOS app published by ICYKEY LLC

Your best bet is to go to SwiftChat, New Update aswell


Welp, might as well get Swift, Mumu makes you pay to join Chatrooms, when you can join a chatroom completely Free on SwiftChat, so if you guys are all complaining about Mumu, then you might as well go to Swift, as they had a New interface update recently too

Mods are bullies

He's love

I was on this app and got banned for not agreeing with mods someone called me a file name and I just showed the mod and he said I was starting and banned my account. The mods are horrible you have to kiss there a** not to be blocked



Great app for relaxing and having a good conversation

Horrible app DONT DOWNLOAD

enrico rossetti's ipod

The moderators in the chat rooms ban you for the smallest things , if they don't like you or what you're talking about they ban you ... most lame app ever. DONT DOWNLOAD


Julian is king

Terrible app might as well just take the whole app down



bad app

I'm going to report the app

DuhO1&Onlii .

Because of people getting banned by the mods, mainly "squirrelpounder" is banning everyone, I think we should report the app to Apple! Tired of people!!!

Mumu is awesome


I love Mumu. Because of Mumu I have more friends and people I can talk to. This is awesome

Mods are terrible

Candise Wendland

They bully the users and ban you for no reason.

Everyone's on Swift Chat now it's better


Everyone's on Swift now because SwiftChat is Better, Don't need coins to join a room and it's never dead like mumu is