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Mumu - Chat Rooms, Teen Dating is free iOS app published by ICYKEY LLC

unprofessional moderators


the mods are very childish and sensitive and will ban you if you hurt their feelings. also, most of the mods can be seen flirting with underage girls in the chat rooms.

Bad mods


I've been using this app since 2015 and it used to be great. However, power hungry mods have overrun the app and ban people for left and right for stupid reasons. Don't use this app, find something else.

The Whole App Is Should Be Shut Down


You get nasty ads, plus bullying and harassment is a large thing on this app. Makes you pay to get in a room. Too many fake people, mods haven't stopped the harassment. Underage people go on the app and no one does anything about it. The app itself waste time



Welcome back we love and miss u

App is horrible


Used the app for a couple of days, noticed power hungry mods everywhere, oneworld, the app owner is absolutely the worst person there, who does not care about the community whatsoever because his head is so far up his butt from having a somewhat successful ONLINE CHAT ROOM app. Absolute loser.

Mods are crazy

jak skellin

I just got the app 3 days and the mods and rules for the app are if they don't like you to bad they can mute you or ban you for whatever reason they choose even if you already spent money and yes you have to spend money on everything just to talk to each other so on. Btw it's nothing like pof, tinder, anything this is horrible. First time getting into a argument with a mod over the rules telling him this isn't North Korea we have rights to he said nope it's a private app

Bad mods


They banned my account for no reason because they thought I was someone else

cool app


prety dope

A mess.


A lot of fakes, bullying, glitches. Random bans of other users.

Sloppy killed mumu


Mods are terrible, they pick favs and not ban people they like, but they ban anyone they don't like because they are breaking the "rules" when it's just about their opinion. Get rid of sloppy and mumu would probably get better.