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Are you bored? Do you sometimes just want find someone to talk to? Someone you already know, or maybe someone you just met for the first time? Now you can with Mumu Chat! At any time of the day, Mumu Chat allows you to chat with different people in chat rooms in an instant. Or even sent private messages to connect. Join the conversation around you, look around and find a place to chat things up! Join a room or create your own!
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Discover new people to connect with by browsing through thousands of nearby Mumu users. Mumu will show you who are nearby your location!
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Great app!! Great place to chat!! Needs more people.

Good App

Good app only thing is Justin Skedel 1(234)348-0866 5681 Hopkins Rd Mentor, OH 44060 Harasses and Is Banned on app but wants to be gay because he wasn’t a mod

I’m going to have to agree with everyone

Sorry to say, I have to agree with everyone else SwiftChat>Mumu This Mumu App is toxic

If I could i’d rate 0 Stars.. Swift>

If I could i’d rate this app 0 stars Anyways most users and I will list here all converted to SwiftChat Meet, Chat & Date App as the mods there are a lot more chill and you can send audio with swift Dan, Lillianaaa, trent, pools, Jake1i Staysexcy, john, Jas, and a couple others only use SwiftChat now Just goes to show Mumu is taking a downfall guys

Mumu is offically Moomoo Dubu

Like everybody else is saying all the OG’s transferred to SwiftChat ??‍♀️ nothing but lames on mumu now

Reasons Why Swift is the better app

I want to start off to everybody complaining about the Mods on Mumu Chat not following the rules and muteing and banning people for fun, I joined a room before all I said was who wants to smoke a bowl and got muted by byenee This app has childish moderators Also according to the eula rules nothing is wrong about talking about marijuana.. Anyways with SwiftChat you can send audio, talk about anything without getting muted by Childish toxic terrible and I mean terrible moderators The bottom line is SwiftChat > Mumu Chat

This App is the same thing as Kik..

This app is the same exact format and style of the Kik App the only difference is it’s controlled by dictators while Kik you can make you’re own Group Chats for free Besides who would install anything that goes by the name of “Mumu”

An App that used to have potential..

So ashamed of how toxic this app has become since years before when the app was under control better by good moderators like Sloppy, and Dan those were the only mods who followed the rules of Mumu and did not ban people for no reason

Terrible app. Needs to be deleted for good
Yo ha(78945)

This app is so toxic, it’s honestly sad how this app is still up and running. The people are rude as hell and don’t get me started on the mods/admins. The mods on mumu are terrible and will literally ban you for their satisfaction. Can’t have a good conversation with anyone without them calling me a catfish or disrespecting me. THIS APP NEEDS TO BE TAKEN DOWN IMMEDIATELY

Guess not

Was going to get this app but not with these reviews.