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Math for Kids: Learn Numerals is an enthralling app to turn your toddler's learning into a joyful plaything. The kid would love to learn his numbers and play entertaining games with them, spending his time to good purpose.
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Game Features:

- A unique learning program makes it easy for the child to grasp all the numbers from zero to nine, to learn their names, to compare and distinguish them, while also training his memory.
- The pre-schooler will be able to test and solidify his knowledge through the fun games the app offers.
- The numbers are brightly colored to draw and hold attention of curious young children.
- The game is available in 15 languages: English, Italian, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, and others.
- Learning new words in several foreign languages, the child will broaden his horizons and vocabulary, while gaining useful knowledge for further learning of languages at school.
- The merry rhythmical melody the kid hears in the game will enliven his interest and motivation.
- The game's design is intuitive, which enables the child to gain his very first knowledge of numbers without virtually any parents' assistance.

How to Play:

- Initially, children are offered to learn all the numbers from zero to nine. One of the numbers will appear in the center of the screen, followed by its proper pronunciation in the selected language. After that, the child will see three contours, of which only one corresponds to the number showed. The child will have to find the correct variant and drag his number to the chosen contour. If the choice is right, the number will flush with a bright color.
- Testing knowledge through playing. In the first game, the kid is to recognize and find the given number among eight different variants. For every task fulfilled correctly, the child will be rewarded with a splash of colorful fireworks.
- The second game offers kids to catch the numbers flying across the screen, while listening to a merry melody. With that, the player needs to select only the numbers that correspond to the element showed on the right.

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