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Mastercard Receipt Management

Better organize your receipts with the Mastercard Receipt Management™ app.
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Phase out paperwork, improve cash management and streamline expense tracking.

Mastercard Receipt Management lets you digitally capture business receipts with your smartphone, and categorize, manage and delete them for efficient record keeping.

Effortlessly capture and manage paper and emailed receipts - Sort receipts by merchant, purchase date and more.

Efficiently upload and access your data – Upload receipt images and data to the cloud where it can be exported for later use by you, as well as bookkeepers, accountants and supervisors.

Easily supplement receipt data – Provide additional information such as whether the expense was business vs. personal, expense category, payment type and notes.


How to use the Mastercard Receipt Management app:

• Take pictures of business receipts or import them from your smartphone
• Add supplemental data, such as transaction date, merchant name, amount,
payment type, etc.
• Categorize transactions (personal vs. business, meals vs. hotel vs. other)
and attach notes
• Utilize the multiple filtering and sorting options to view only the specific
receipts needed
• Export images and/or data in PDF or CSV format
• Save images and data with all the benefits and security that cloud storage

Capture, enhance, sort and share receipts in a snap.

Exclusively for all Mastercard Small Business credit, debit and prepaid cardholders in the United States.


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