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Finance Free MasterCard Worldwide iPhone, iPad, iPod

Find ATMs and MasterCard® PayPass™ accepting merchants located around the world with your iPhone’s GPS, by entering an address or an airport location, from wherever you happen to be.

The MasterCard ATM Hunter makes it fast and easy for you to locate the closest ATM and PayPass acceptance locations. And because the ATM Hunter is location aware, there’s no need to input your address or current location, no matter where in the world you are.

The ATM Hunter lets you tailor your search on what you want to do. If you need to make an ATM deposit or want to use your own bank to avoid fees, you can search for your specific bank’s ATMs. If you just need to pick up some cash, you can search for all nearby ATM locations.

The latest addition to the application also allows you to search for PayPass accepting merchants nearest you. Now you can find a store as quickly as you can pay using PayPass, helping you to get on with your day.


Finds ATMs based on your current location.

Find ATMs based on any address or airport location in the world.

Tells you whether an ATM is a bank ATM or an ATM in a local store, as well as exactly where it’s located, i.e., at a store, gas station, etc.

Locates your own bank’s ATMs when you want to make a deposit or a withdrawal.

Locates merchants who accept PayPass.

Provides you with the distance between your chosen location and the closest ATM or merchant who accepts PayPass.

Provides you with driving directions and a map to the nearest ATM and PayPass acceptance locations.

Filters your ATM search based on the following features: Drive through, 24-hr. service, wheelchair accessible, surcharge fess, and deposit sharing.

Filters your PayPass search based on the type of merchants you need: convenience stores, fast-food restaurants, retail, transportation, automotive, and more.

Allows you to share ATM and PayPass locations with others via SMS.

Gives you helpful tips on how to be smarter with your money and safer at ATM locations with the click of a button.

Compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch.
Required 3.0 software update.


ATM finder
Sheep Pig

Good at finding ATMs within abt 2 miles of my house the addresses and resulting maps were correct. BUT I agree with another reviewer who noted the credit unions are not included. That is a substantial ommission and would be great if it could be added back in. Also I would like to enter number of miles I am willing to go (say up to 10 miles because I am going to mall that far away).

Works, to no advantage

this seems to give you ATMs near where you are, but most are inside office buildings, are private or have no cusumer use. If you had filters for say your bank's ATMs then it would work. I traveled to NYC and tried it and never found what I needed from my bank which is all over the City. At home in Philly, I tried from my house and got the closest 20, all being not availible as inside small commercial places and it missed one from my bank in a popular convenience chain closer to my house.. I can understand why mastercard wants to list them all, but it got the app off my iPhone in 72 hours.

what about HSBC?

it has citibank and surprisingly all the small delis and restaurant atms, but it doesn't have HSBC which is my bank. how could they leave this out?? this is not very useful for me.

Great app from MasterCard!

Loving this new application!


One star is one too many, app loads and finds FALSE ATM locations if it finds any at all. Waste of time, takes a long time to load even on WIFI, terrible doesn't give it justice.

Needs update

OK search results but needs a better location search engine. It doesn't find all the nearby ATMs, it doesn't recognize my home address (at a main road here in Miami Beach!), and the search-by-distance results are mostly off. Alsothe additional information such as drive-through, wheelchair accessibility, etc., is frequently incorrect - I've emailed the people behind this app so they can correct this type of information but it never gets updated. Airport ATM results should include the actual location within the airport, i.e., which terminal, or near which gate. Right now all you get a is map of were the airport is located - not very specific nor helpful. Come on MasterCard, you could do so much better!!

potential but poor UI

Filter check boxes for Drive Through, 24 Hour, etc, but none for Bank. I don't want to use an expensive one in a bowling alley, I just want to see ones at banks, but that's overly difficult to do.

Needs at least one addition
Brent B

Can you please provide an update that allows you to enter a special search for your specific bank? I have a Bank of America MasterCard ATM card, and it would be VERY beneficial if I could search for the local BoA ATMs according to my GPS location.

Too many rules

I deleted this app before using it the first time. When I orginally started it there was so much legal jargon, I wasn't sure if I was agreeing to a contract or not.


ATM listings seems to be much faster now. Nice job MasterCard.

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